Master of Science in Medical Management

Degree Requirements

The 36-credit hour Master of Science in Medical Management consists of  eight, four credit hour modules and a four credit hour non-residential field study project. Modules are comprised of  4 ˝ day residential classes. Seven  modules are  eligible for up to  36 hours each of Category 1 CME credit toward the AMA Physician’s Recognition Award and CEU credit for healthcare administrators.

Successful completion of any five modules is recognized by the award of a Certificate in Medical Management.  Completion of all eight modules plus the self-directed field study is recognized by the award of a Master of Science in Medical Management.

Courses (36 credit hours,  180 Category 1 CME hours)

MED 6401  Negotiation and Conflict Management in Healthcare
MED 6402  Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations
MED 6403  Medical Cost and Performance Management
MED 6404  Service Quality Improvement and Patient Satisfaction
MED 6405  Healthcare Data Management and Information Technology
MED 6406  Strategic Leadership of Healthcare Organizations
MED 6407  Healthcare Policy and Regulation
MED 6408  Leading Organizational Change in Healthcare
MED 6409  Self-Directed Field Study