Internship/Cooperative Education Program

The Internship/Cooperative Education Program (Internships) places students in work assignments related directly to their fields of study. As an integral part of the established curriculum, the experience provides students with an opportunity to apply what they learn in the classroom to practical settings while responding to the immediate needs of employers. In addition, students are able to stay in school and earn money to defray college expenses, clarify academic interests, and target specific job markets.

Internships may be taken for credit depending on the studentís degree program requirements. U.T. Dallas has a flexible program and arrangements include the following plans:

  • Parallel: full- or part-time work and full- or part-time school.
  • Summer: full- or part-time summer employment.
  • Alternating Semesters: full-time work alternating with semesters of full-time school.

For more information about the program, contact the Career Center in McDermott Library 1.312. (Phone: 972-883-2943, Web:, Email: [email protected]).