Course Descriptions

AUD 6303 Hearing Science (3 semester hours) Basic acoustics and psychoacoustics. (3-0) Y
AUD 6305 Anatomy and Physiology of Audition (3 semester hours) Structure and function of the auditory system including external, middle, and inner ear, and central auditory mechanisms. (3-0) Y
AUD 6306 Speech Science (3 semester hours) The physical properties of speech and the perceptual, cognitive and neural processes that intervene between the production and perception of speech in everyday speech communication. (3-0) Y
AUD 6310 Advanced Clinical Audiology (3 semester hours) Instrumentation and calibration standards for audiology practice. The development and application of standard diagnostic audiological procedures. Administration and interpretation of standard audiometric tests. (3-0)  Y
AUD 6311 Diagnostic Audiology (3 semester hours) The development and application of advanced diagnostic procedures for audiological diagnosis including behavioral and electrophysiological measures (ABR and OAE). Administration and interpretation of diagnostic audiological tests. (3-0) Y
AUD 6316 Audiologic Rehabilitation for Adults (3 semester hours) Evaluation and remediation of impairment, disability and handicap associated with hearing loss. Emphasis on hearing aid orientation and benefit, assistive technology, coping skills, communication strategies, speech reading and advocacy for older adults with hearing loss. (3-0) Y
AUD 6318 Pediatric Audiology (3 semester hours) Etiological, medical and genetic considerations relevant to exceptional populations.
Emphasis on current diagnostic options with infants and young children, including those having mental retardation or multiple disabilities. (3-0) Y
AUD 6348 (COMD 6348) Counseling for Communication Disorders Professionals (3 semester hours) Psychological aspects of communication disorders in the context of the family system. Basic counseling and problem-solving skills to use as an adjunct to roles as communication disorders professionals. Emphasis on helping students to gain comfort and skill in coping with their clients’ emotions and giving their clients constructive feedback. (3-0) R
AUD 6352 Medical Audiology (3 semester hours) Etiology and pathology of auditory/vestibular disorders and diagnostic and treatment procedures.
(3-0) Y
AUD 6V20 Laboratory Procedures in Audiology and Hearing Science (1-9 semester hours) Application in structured laboratories of principles taught in diagnostic audiology, rehabilitation audiology, amplification, cochlear implant and electrophysiology courses. To be taken with AUD 6310, AUD 6311, AUD 6316, AUD 7321, AUD 7326, AUD 7327 and AUD 7353. (May be repeated for credit.) (0-[1-9]) Y
AUD 7310 Professional Issues in Audiology (3 semester hours). Ethics and professional issues in various practice settings, including multicultural considerations, licensure, certification, outcome measures, liability, malpractice, and practice management. (3-0) Y
AUD 7321 Theories of Amplification (3 semester hours) Principles underlying soundfield acoustics and calibration, earmold acoustics, speech perception in hearing impaired persons, and fitting methods. (3-0) Y
AUD 7324 (COMD 7324) Seminar in Cochlear Implants and Technology for Persons with Hearing Impairments (3 semester hours) Prosthetic alternatives available for individuals with profound hearing impairments.
Topics include speech perception in children and adults, signal processing, aural rehabilitation techniques, prosthetic devices such as cochlear implants and techniques for using such devices. (3-0) Y
AUD 7325 Int Auditory Rehabilition for Adult Hearing Loss (3 semester hours) R
AUD 7326 Aural Habilitation of Children with Hearing Impairments (3 semester hours) Issues in selection and fitting of amplification and FM systems for children, rationale and methods of auditory training, optimizing the auditory environment, communication options, and family-centered intervention. (3-0) Y
AUD 7327 Evaluation and Fitting of Amplification Systems (3 semester hours) Advanced study of analog and digital technology in amplification systems including: programmable hearing aids, compression characteristics, noise reduction, and speech enhancement strategies. (3-0) Y
AUD 7328 Hearing Conservation (3 semester hours) Identification and prevention of hearing loss in children and adults through screening programs.
Includes school, community, and industrial-based hearing conservation programs, noise measurement techniques, and hearing protection. (3-0) Y
AUD 7338 Research in Audiology (3 semester hours) Review of statistical principles including the relationship between working hypotheses and methodology and outcomes to prepare individuals to become a critical consumer of research. Scientific writing process is taught including components of journal publication, scientific posters, and writing style. (3-0) Y

AUD 7339 (COMD 7339) Evidence-Based Practice in Communication Disorders (3 semester hours) Credible evidence derived from scientific research, from clinical practice, and from patients themselves is identified and incorporated into clinical decision-making.  Students will learn how to ask strong and answerable questions about each type of evidence, where to search for strong candidate evidence of each kind, what criteria to apply to evidence concerning diagnosis and treatment procedures, and how to proceed when the three sources of evidence lead to contradictory recommendations. (3-0) Y
AUD 7340 Auditory Processing Disorders (3 semester hours) Auditory processing disorders with respect to underlying etiologies and behavioral and electrophysiologic procedures for diagnosis and therapeutic management. (3-0) Y
AUD 7351 Physiologic Assessment of Vestibular and Auditory Systems (3 semester hours) Anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology of the vestibular, oculomotor and related systems used for maintaining equilibrium and balance.
Procedures used for diagnostic assessment of the vestibular system and medical and non-medical treatments for vestibular disorders. (2-0) Y
AUD 7353 Clinical Electrophysiology (3 semester hours) Evoked and event-related potentials including recording techniques, neurophysiological mechanisms, and applications to clinical populations.
(3-0) Y
AUD 7371 Doctoral Seminar in Audiology (3 semester hours) Selected topics and current research in audiology and hearing science. (May be repeated for credit.) (3-0) Y
AUD 7V80 Doctoral Practicum in Audiology (1-9 semester hours) Supervised doctoral level experience in assessment and habilitation/rehabilitation of hearing impairment. (May be repeated for credit.) ([1-9]-0) S
AUD 7V82 Special Topics in Hearing Science and Audiology (1-9 semester hours) Selected topics and current research in Hearing Science and Audiology.
Topics will vary from semester to semester. (May be repeated for credit.) ([1-9-0]) R
AUD 8V80 Individual Research in Audiology (1-9 semester hours) Independent research project to fulfill the Doctor of Audiology research requirement.
(May be repeated for credit.) ([1-9]-0) S

AUD 8V97 Doctoral Internship in Audiology (1-9 semester hours) Intensive, full-time, clinical audiology practicum in a work setting that provides exposure to a diverse clinical population and a wide breadth of audiologic services. Completed during the fourth year of the Au.D. Program. (May be repeated for credit.)([1-9]-0) S