Certificate in Project Management

The School of Management offers a Certificate in Project Management for both degree and non-degree seeking students with undergraduate degrees. Students study both Technical and Interpersonal/Organizational issues, from both a theoretical and an applied point of view. The courses covered in the Project Management Certificate Program curriculum are listed below. Note that these 21 hours are taught as an integrated body of subject matter rather than a series of conventional separated topics. While ultimately mapping to individual courses, teaching is by 4 hour blocks. This provides the opportunity to integrate different topics while studying/discussing them as opposed to the traditional way of working one course at a time. We believe that modeling the learning experience like actual work facilities the learning and application of the principles. After completing the Certificate phase, participants are ready to take the Project Management Institute PMP Certification Exam.  This graduate level certificate requires the completion of 21 credits of graduate work in the following courses:

OPRE 6271 Project Overview, Strategic and Process Management
OPRE 6372 Project Initiation
OPRE 6373 Project Planning
OPRE 6374 Project Planning and Execution
OPRE 6375 Project Execution and Closeout
OPRE 6376 Advanced Project Management and Simulation
MAS 6101 Legal Considerations in Project Management \

OB 6301 Introduction to Organizational Behavior


Class Schedule for Project Management Certificate Program

The program is a managed educational environment with classes scheduled Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, 8 hours per day, once a month, to accommodate work and travel schedules. Students are pre-registered and all books are distributed during class. Students are required to complete an application, provide written professional references from 3 people, attend an interview with the program director, and request all Universities attended send an official transcript. Students who meet SOM entry requirements may petition to apply these credits toward the Master of Science in Management and Administrative Sciences or the Master of Business Administration through the Executive Education area in the School of Management.