Master of Science in Healthcare Management

Degree Requirements


The Master of Science in Healthcare Management prepares students for roles in the leadership and management of the U.S. healthcare industry.  It integrates a thorough grounding in advanced business management theory and practice with an understanding of the structure, operation and financing of the U.S. healthcare system.  The curriculum is customized to accommodate the needs of two different audiences:

Professional Track – for healthcare administrators and those desiring a management career in the healthcare industry; and

Executive Track – for physicians and senior level healthcare executives. 

Professional Track

The Professional Track MS in Healthcare Management is a 36 credit hour program consisting of business core, healthcare management courses and electives.  Students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average in both core courses and overall to qualify for the M.S. degree.

Required Business Core (8 hours)

OB 6301 Organizational Behavior
FIN 6301 Financial Management
AIM 6201 Financial Accounting

Elective Business Core (5 hours)

MIS 6204 MIS Fundamentals or AIM 6202 Managerial Accounting
MKT 6301 Marketing Management or OPRE 6301 Quantitative Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty

Healthcare Management Courses (15 hours)

HMGT 6320 The American Healthcare System
HMGT 6321 Strategic Management of Healthcare Organizations

Plus 9 hours from the following:

HMGT 6322 Healthcare Cost Management and Control
HMGT 6323 Healthcare Informatics
HMGT 6324 Healthcare Negotiation and Dispute Resolution
HMGT 6325 Healthcare Supply Chain Management
HMGT 6326 / POEC 7329  Biomedical Frontiers in Healthcare
HMGT 6227 Information and Knowledge Management in Healthcare
HMGT 6229 Seminar in Healthcare Management

Other Electives (8 hours)

Additional courses as approved by the Associate Dean for Masters Programs

Executive Track

The Executive Track for physicians and senior healthcare executives is delivered in a non-semester format.  The 36 credit hour curriculum consists of  nine 4-day residential classes.  A different class is offered every two months and classes may be started at any time and taken in any order.  The program is jointly taught by faculty from the University of Texas at Dallas School of Management and The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center.  Eight classes are  eligible for up to  36 hours each of Category 1 CME credit toward the AMA Physician’s Recognition Award and CEU credit for healthcare executives.

Successful completion of any five classes is recognized by the award of a Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management.  Completion of the nine healthcare management classes OR any eight classes plus a self-directed field study is recognized by the award of a Master of Science in Healthcare Management.  Students must maintain a 3.0 overall grade point average in order to qualify for the M.S. degree.

The Executive Track MS in Healthcare Management is supported entirely by participant fees and special admission requirements apply.  For information, contact the program office at (972) 883-6252.

HMGT 6401  Negotiation and Conflict Management in Healthcare
HMGT 6402  Financial Management of Healthcare Organizations
HMGT 6403  Medical Cost and Performance Management
HMGT 6404  Service Quality Improvement and Patient Satisfaction
HMGT 6405  Healthcare Information and Technology
HMGT 6406  Strategic Leadership of Healthcare Organizations
HMGT 6407  Healthcare Policy and Regulation
HMGT 6408  Motivational Leadership in Healthcare Organizations
HMGT 6409  Self-Directed Field Study
HMGT 6410  The Science and Practice of Influencing Behavior