General Property Deposit

Every student must make a general property deposit of $10.00. This deposit is subject to charges for property loss, damage or breakage, or violation of rules in any University Library or laboratory; for failure to return keys furnished by the University; or for damage to, or loss of, any other University property. A student having charges in excess of the deposit must pay the excess immediately upon notice. Pending payment, the student will be subject to a bar against readmission; withholding of grades, degree, and official transcript; and all penalties and actions authorized by law.

This deposit, less charges, will be returned upon written request at the end of the student’s career at The University of Texas at Dallas. A general property deposit that remains without call for refund for a period of four years from the date of last attendance at the university shall be forfeited, and the deposit shall become part of the Student Property Deposit Scholarship Fund.