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The University of Texas at Dallas
Graduate Admissions

Certificate in Evaluation Research


A graduate-level certificate program in Evaluation Research is offered jointly by the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences and Behavioral and Brain Sciences. Students who complete this program will have an opportunity to gain competencies in the design and implementation of program evaluations in fields such as education, health care, human services, criminal justice, and economic development. The Certificate in Evaluation Research program may be incorporated into graduate degree programs in the Schools of Social Sciences or Behavioral and Brain Sciences, or may be taken on its own by nondegree seeking students. Students in the Evaluation Research certificate program are normally expected to have completed undergraduate courses in social statistics and research design; students lacking appropriate preparation may be asked to take needed courses prior to admission to the program.

In order to receive the certificate, students must successfully complete four required courses and one guided elective, complete an evaluation research project including a final report, and participate in a weekly evaluation research seminar. The courses in the School of Social Sciences leading to the Certificate in Evaluation Research are POEC 5313 Descriptive and Inferential Statistics for the Social Sciences, POEC 6352 Evaluation Research Methods in the Social Sciences, POEC 6V91 Evaluation Research (six credit hours), and an additional course to be chosen from a list of guided electives available from the Social Sciences graduate advising office, for a total of 15 semester credit hours. With permission of the Evaluation Research program coordinator, students may substitute appropriate courses from the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences or prior coursework taken at other institutions. Students interested in applying for admission to the Certificate in Evaluation Research program should consult the graduate advising office in the School of Social Sciences or the School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences.


Last Updated: August 10, 2010