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The University of Texas at Dallas
Graduate Admissions


As we begin the 21st century, the School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences is strategically positioned to offer leadership in addressing society’s most pressing concerns. Our mission is simple: develop scholars and practitioners who love to learn, individuals who can integrate knowledge and analyze sophisticated problems, and who are committed to advancing the search for truth and justice. Our domain is broad: risk management, economic performance, terrorism, voter behavior, health care, democratization, social inequality, international trade, and conflict resolution only hint at the wide variety of specific topics that must be addressed by informed social scientists. Our approach is comprehensive: strong disciplinary foundations, a dynamic interdisciplinary environment, and a striving to achieve a synthesis of theory-based knowledge and practical experience through internships, workshops, and seminars.

The School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences awards master’s degrees in Applied Sociology, Criminology, Economics, Geospatial Information Sciences (jointly with the School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics), International Political Economy, Public Affairs, Public Policy and Ph.D.s in Criminology, Economics, Geospatial Information Sciences (jointly with the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science and the School of  Natural Sciences and Mathematics), Political Science, Public Affairs, and Public Policy and Political Economy. Each degree program offers a rigorous foundation with enough flexibility to specialize and earn additional certification in city planning, crime and justice analysis, economic and demographic data analysis, evaluation research, financial economics, geographic information systems, homeland security, local government management, and nonprofit management. These certificate programs are available to degree-seeking as well as non-degree students seeking highly focused curricula that can benefit their professional development. We invite you to explore our programs, scrutinize our faculty, examine our resources, and, then, to join us as we prepare to face our future.


Doctor of Philosophy in Criminology
Doctor of Philosophy in Economics
Doctor of Philosophy in Geospatial Information Sciences
Doctor of Philosophy in Political Science
Doctor of Philosophy in Public Affairs
Doctor of Philosophy in Public Policy and Political Economy

Master of Arts in Political Science
Master of Arts in Political Science  - Constitutional Law Studies
Master of Arts in Political Science - Legislative Studies
Master of Science in Applied Sociology
Master of Science in Criminology
Master of Science in Economics
Master of Science in Geospatial Information Sciences
Master of Science in International Political Economy
Master of Science in Justice Administration and Leadership
Master of Public Affairs
Master of Public Policy

Certificate in City Planning
Certificate in Crime and Justice Analysis
Certificate in Economic and Demographic Data Analysis
Certificate in Evaluation Research
Certificate in Geographic Information Systems
Certificate in Homeland Security
Certificate in Local Government Management
Certificate in Nonprofit Management
Certificate in Remote Sensing


Last Updated: February 25, 2011