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The University of Texas at Dallas
Graduate Admissions

Career Center

The Career Center offers services to help students prepare for their careers. The staff assists students with career counseling and editing assistance for all job search documents. In-depth information is available, including webinars and podcasts, on the Career Center’s website. The Career Center provides pre-employment preparation assistance through mock interviews and a variety of seminars on such topics as resume writing, business letter writing, identifying marketable skills, interviewing skills, and conducting an effective job search. The Career Center offers a credential file service to assist PhD students applying for academic positions after graduation.

Representatives of business, government, industry, education, and social agencies recruit UT Dallas students and alumni at career expos and on‑campus interviews.  The Career Center manages the Internship/Cooperative Education program for all majors, except EE/CS majors. On-campus employment is also managed by the Career Center, with the exception of TA and RA positions.

Part-time jobs, both on-campus and off-campus, full-time jobs, and on-campus interview schedules are posted through an online database called UTD CareerWorks. All students register for UTD CareerWorks by accessing the Career Center website.  Students upload a résumé into the system in order to apply for qualified positions or to make it available for employer referrals. Employers may have access to candidate résumés via various web résumé books set up in the UTD CareerWorks system.

For more information, contact the Career Center in the McDermott Library, RM 1.312 (Phone:  (972)883-2943), Web: , Email:  [email protected] .


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