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The University of Texas at Dallas
Graduate Admissions

Master of Arts in International Management Studies

Degree Requirements

The University’s general degree requirements are discussed here.

The M.A. degree is obtained by completing satisfactorily a 36-hour program beyond prerequisite courses for School of Management graduate programs. The program provides students the opportunity to learn in-depth the fundamentals of (1) functional areas of management, (2) international management, and (3) cultural, sociopolitical and geographical constraints affecting international business decisions. It also provides educational opportunities for the student with non-business undergraduate training to prepare for a career in the management of international trade and industry.

The School of Management encourages all students studying for the M.A. degree to master one foreign language. However, equally important is direct experience of business practices in a foreign country. In the past, U.T. Dallas has organized study abroad opportunities in Russia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and India. Foreign study courses, usually offered between semesters, vary in length from two to three weeks and are generally taken as part of an Area Studies course.

Students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average in both core courses and in aggregate courses to qualify for the M.A. degree.

Business Core Courses (8 hours)

AIM 6201 Financial Accounting
MKT 6301 Introduction to Marketing Management
FIN 6301 Financial Management

International Management Core Courses (17 hours)

The following 4 courses:

IMS 5200 Global Business
IMS 6310 International Marketing Management
IMS 6360 International Strategic Management
IMS 6365 Cross Cultural Communications and Management

Plus 6 hours from the following:

IMS 6202 International Business Transactions
IMS 6220 International Corporate Finance or FIN6366 International Financial Management
BPS 6332 Strategic Leadership
IMS6312 International Advertising
IMS6314 Global E-Business Marketing

Electives (11 hours)

An additional eleven semester hours of elective courses in the School of Management are required. Four hours from Area Studies (IMS 7250-55) are recommended. International courses from other Schools may be taken with permission of the appropriate Program Director.

Students seeking the M.A. degree are encouraged to complete the Business Core courses by the end of the fall semester before beginning the International Management Core courses. Students    are strongly advised to start with the first course in the sequence, Global Economy, and to continue through to the last course, International Business Management, which serves as a capstone for the International Management curriculum.


Last Updated: February 28, 2011