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The University of Texas at Dallas
Graduate Admissions

Master of Science in International Management Studies

Degree Requirements

The University’s general degree requirements are discussed here.

The M.S. degree is obtained by completing satisfactorily a 36-hour program beyond prerequisite courses for Naveen Jindal School of Management graduate programs. The program provides students the opportunity to learn in-depth the fundamentals of (1) functional areas of management, (2) international management, and (3) cultural, sociopolitical and geographical constraints affecting international business decisions. It also provides educational opportunities for the student with non-business undergraduate training to prepare for a career in the management of international trade and industry.

The Naveen Jindal School of Management encourages all students studying for the M.S. degree to master one foreign language. However, equally important is direct experience of business practices in a foreign country. In the past, U.T. Dallas has organized study abroad opportunities in Russia, China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia, and India. Foreign study courses, usually offered between semesters, vary in length from two to three weeks and are generally taken as part of an Area Studies course.


Prerequisite knowledge in calculus and competence in personal computing are requirements for the program. A deficiency in calculus may be remedied by taking MATH 5304 (Applied Mathematical Analysis for Non Majors I) or MATH 1325 (with a B or better). Competence in personal computing may be demonstrated by completing BA 3351 with a grade of B or better or completing an equivalent course at another university with a grade of B or better. Deficiencies must be remedied within the first 12 hours of graduate work. Degree credit is not earned for program prerequisites.

Students must maintain a 3.0 grade point average in both core courses and in aggregate courses to qualify for the M.S. degree.

Basic Business Core (8 credit hours)

All students enrolling in MA-IMS must complete the following Basic Business Core Courses:

IMS Foundation Courses (11 credit hours)

IMS Electives (6 credit hours), select a minimum of 6 hours from the following:

         IMS 6302 International Business Transactions (3)

         IMS 6320 International Corporate Finance(3) or FIN 6366 International Financial Management (3)

         BPS 6332 Strategic Leadership (3)

         IMS 6312 International Advertising (3)

         IMS 6314 Global E-Business Marketing (3)  

Free Elective Courses (11 credit hours)
Four hours of area study is strongly recommended. Any course from the set of IMS electives may be used as a free elective. Also, any advanced courses from other departments within the School of Management may be used as a free elective.  

The following are some of the other IMS related courses offered with the Naveen Jindal School of Management:

         IMS 6302 Legal Aspects of International Business Transactions (3)

         MKT 6332 Advertising and Promotion (3)IMS 6314 Global E-Business Marketing (3)

         IMS 7vXX Area Studies: Faculty Led Study Trip (2) **

         MAS 6vXX Area Studies: Special Topics in International Business (1-2) **

         BPS 6332 Strategic Leadership (3)

         OB 6301 Organizational Behavior (3)

         OB 6303 Managing Organizations (3)

         OB 6305 Foundations of Work Behavior

         OB 6307 Strategic Human Resource Management (3)

         OB 6322 Interpersonal Dynamics (3)

         OB 6331 Power & Politics (3)

         OB 6332 Negotiation & Dispute Resolution (3)

OB 6333 Organizational Decision Making (3)Additionally, up to 6 hours of a graduate level language courses may be applied to your degree plan as a Free Elective. The following are the list of courses available with the University:

         HUMA 6320 French Review

         HUMA 6321 Spanish Review

         HUMA 632X Italian Review

         HUMA 632X Chinese Review

         HUMA 632X German Review

         HUMA 6330 French Workshop

         HUMA 6331 Spanish Workshop

         HUMA 633X Italian Workshop

         HUMA 633X Chinese Workshop

         HUMA 633X German Workshop    

Program Notes

Students are encouraged to complete the basic core courses before beginning the advanced core courses. International Strategic Management (IMS 6360) serves as the capstone course and should be taken during the last semester prior to graduation. The classes for this degree are largely offered in the evenings.

 *FIN 6301 Financial Management requires co-enrollment in OPRE 6301 or a substantial background in statistics leading to a waiver of the requirement. See the Naveen Jindal School of Management Advising Office for waiver procedures. Consult the catalog for complete prerequisite information.

** Area Studies course may be repeated for credit if regions of study differ.


Last Updated: October 12, 2011