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Master of Science in Supply Chain Management

In the Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MS-SCMT) students explore the key issues associated with the design and management of industrial supply chains, including methods for improving supply chain operations by lowering costs, speeding delivery, improving quality and expanding variety. The ultimate objective is to use SCM to mold traditional business operations into competitive tools for today's global economy. Students acquire not only fundamental knowledge of business management but also analytical decision-making skills (especially for complex systems) along with real-life experiences gained through projects with area companies.

The Master of Science in Supply Chain Management is designed for students with or without previous educational background in this area. Courses are primarily offered in the late afternoon and evening of weekdays. Several courses are currently offered and are planned to be offered through the World Wide Web. Students can obtain a dual MBA and MS degree by taking a total of 71 credits (assuming all prerequisites are met). This serves students who would like to get additional SCM skills at a reduced cost.

Degree Requirements

At least 36 hours of management course work beyond prerequisite courses is required, including 12 hours of basic business core courses and 21 hours of graduate courses in Supply Chain Management and other areas. The M.S. in Supply Chain Management is designed for students with or without previous educational background in this area.

Waivers and Transfer of Credit

Waivers of program requirements may be granted in recognition of previous coursework completed with grade “B” or better within the past six years in a specific business program area. Waivers are approved by the appropriate program director through a process that allows a student to skip a core course and take the next higher level course in the same academic area with no reduction in the overall program hour requirements.

Transfer of credits may be granted for equivalent graduate course work taken at other universities with a grade of “B” or better within the past six years. Up to 9 credit hours of course work from other universities may be waived from or transferred to the MS-SCMT program. Please visit the UT Dallas Graduate Catalog for further details at


Calculus is required as graduate program prerequisites. If a student has not taken an equivalent course already, he/she will need to complete MATH 5304 with a grade of "B" to meet the calculus requirement. For specific course prerequisite information, please visit the UT Dallas Graduate Catalog for further details at

Basic Business Core Courses (15 credit hours)

All students enrolling in the MS-SCMT must complete the following Basic Business Core:

OPRE 6301 Quantitative Introduction to Risk and Uncertainty in Business

OPRE 6302 Operations Management

AIM 6305 Accounting for Managers

FIN 6301 Financial Management

And one of the following courses:

MECO 6303 Business Economics

MKT 6301 Introduction to Marketing Management

OB 6301 Organizational Behavior

OB 6321 Principles of Leadership

Required Supply Chain Management Core Courses (9 credit hours)

OPRE 6366 Supply Chain Management

OPRE 6370 Logistics and Distribution

OPRE 6371 Purchasing and Sourcing Management

Elective Supply Chain Management Courses - choose nine credit hours (9 credit hours)

OPRE 6332 Spreadsheet Modeling

OPRE 6335 Risk and Decision Analysis

OPRE 6340 Flexible Manufacturing Strategies

OPRE 6361 Production Planning and Control

OPRE 6362 Project Management

OPRE 6363 Inventory Control

OPRE 6364 Quality Control (LEAN SIX SIGMA)

OPRE 6367 Capstone Project in Supply Chain Management

OPRE 6368 Industrial Applications in Supply Chains

OPRE 6369 Supply Chain Software (SAP SCM)

OPRE 6377 Demand and Revenue Management

OPRE 6378 Information Enabled Supply chain

OPRE 6379 Product Lifecycle Management

OPRE 6385 Scheduling

OB 6332 Negotiation and Dispute Resolution

HMGT 6325 Healthcare Operations Management

MIS 6326 Database Management Systems

MKT 6333 Channels and Retailing

Free Elective Course (3 credit hours)

Students may choose any three credit hour graduate level course in the School of Management to satisfy this portion of the degree plan.


Last Updated: September 28, 2011