The Office of Graduate Education

Message from the Dean of Graduate Education

Juan E. González, Ph.D.
Dean of Graduate Education
Associate Provost

[email protected]
FA 3.104F

Dear UT Dallas community:

I am writing to you to reflect on what is happening in our communities and our country, and the role we--as members of the UT Dallas community--should play during this difficult period.

The senseless killing of George Floyd and the too many other victims of racism and brutality have brought us to this crossroad. The Office of Graduate Education stands firm in our support of diversity and inclusivity, opposes discrimination, and condemns the violence against African Americans.

That said, statements of support and commitment, feel, to me, inadequate, at times. We have been talking about these issues for a long time, and change is too slow to come. I know how immediate this feels right now, but I also know that we have been in this place before, and as time passes, many often go back to “business as usual”.

We all need to move beyond words and commit to real change: provide opportunities and include diversity in all aspects of our daily lives. We need more people committed to real change.

I am a firm believer that education is one way to bring equality. I am an example of the power that providing support, opening a door, encouraging words, and having someone look beyond a transcript or a standardized test can have. One person can have a multiplying effect, if that person is then able to pave the way for others.

As Graduate Dean, I ask the graduate education community to think proactively about how we can help the country move forward. Not just today, not just in our professional lives, but always and in all aspects of our lives.

We cannot be a distant spectator of the world that surrounds us. We must commit to a world that provides fairness and respect for everyone. There is much more work to do, and we are committed to that work.

Juan E. González