The Office of Graduate Education

Graduating Students

1.  Registration:
You must be registered during the semester in which you graduate to be eligible for graduation, unless you registered for In Absentia. For more complete details pertaining to graduation procedures, see Policy Memorandum “Policy on Procedures for Completing a Graduate Degree - UTDPP1052”. For any other questions, please contact your department.

2.  Application for Graduation:
An Application for Graduation must be submitted online through Galaxy by the deadline on the Academic Calendar. Before you apply, please verify with your department that you are eligible for graduation. Follow the step-by-step instructions on how to apply for graduation  (.pdf) and also updating your commencement RSVP (.pdf).

If, after having applied for graduation, you realize that you are not going to finish by the end of the semester, please notify your department.

After you have applied to graduate, regularly check your UT Dallas email throughout the semester. This is where you will receive all correspondence regarding your graduation and commencement.

3.  Regalia and Diplomas:
Master’s graduate regalia (caps and gowns) are custom made for UT Dallas and are available for purchase through the UT Dallas Bookstore or Herff Jones online only. Doctoral graduation candidates must order their regalia through Herff Jones.

Diplomas will be mailed to Master’s students to the Primary address on file with UT Dallas approximately 8 weeks after commencement. Doctoral Graduates receive their diplomas at the Commencement Ceremonies, with the exception of the summer doctoral students who receive their diplomas at the summer Doctoral Hooding Ceremony. It is important to review your Primary Name in Orion as it will be used for all Commencement Publications and will appear on your diploma. If you need to make any changes please follow the official Name Change Procedures. Additionally, review and/or update your Home Address in Orion as this address is where your diploma will be mailed after your degree has been awarded.

4. Dissertation/Thesis:
Candidates writing a thesis or dissertation should prepare their document in accordance with the guidelines in accordance with the Dissertation and Thesis FORMATTING Guide and the Dissertation and Thesis SUBMISSION Guide (updated January 2024).

5. Graduation Ceremonies

Doctoral Hooding Ceremony

The Doctoral Hooding Ceremony is held at the end of each semester. This event is different and separate from the Commencement ceremony. In this ceremony, doctoral candidates are celebrated and hooded by their Supervising Professor and Dean. Diplomas are only distributed in the summer ceremony.

Doctoral candidates are highly encouraged to attend both the Hooding Ceremony and the Commencement to celebrate their achievements. Any questions regarding the Doctoral Hooding Ceremony should be directed to the Office of Graduate Education.


Date/Time: Friday, August 9, 2024, 1:00 p.m.
Location: ATEC Lecture Hall
Hooding Ceremony Speaker - Dr. Harold Gross

CONTACT Lila Foroutan with questions.

A RSVP email will be sent out to all Summer 2024 doctoral candidates from The Office of Graduate Education in the first few weeks of the semester. Visit the Hooding FAQ page for the latest on regalia rental, RSVPs, and other event information.


Commencement ceremonies are held at the conclusion of each spring and fall semester. In this ceremony, both undergraduate and graduate candidates are celebrated and officially graduate with a degree, given that the students have met all of the requirements and their degree is conferred. Diplomas are mailed out 6-8 weeks after commencement to the bachelors and masters candidates. Doctoral graduates receive their diplomas at the commencement ceremonies.  Diplomas for doctoral candidates who do not attend the commencement will be mailed out 10-12 business days following the commencement ceremony.

The University of Texas at Dallas does not hold a commencement ceremony at the end of the summer term.

Any questions regarding the commencement ceremonies should be directed to the Office of the Registrar.