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Below, find information about online resources that are available to graduate students and postdocs for the purposes of career development and professionalism.

Individual Development Plan

Research has shown that those who engage in thoughtful career planning not only achieve their career goals more quickly and frequently, they also demonstrate higher rates of job satisfaction. An Individual Development Plan (IDP) is a way to bring together systematic self-assessment, career exploration, and goal setting in order to develop a personal plan for your career. An addition to helping you make intentional, goal-driven career decisions, IDPs can also help you structure conversations with your mentors, hold yourself accountable, and help you prioritize your interests, and values. Below, find links to some IDP resources that can help you develop an IDP.


MyIDP is an online self-assessment and career planning tool maintained by AAAS. Scientists in any discipline can take self-assessment exercises and learn more about potential career paths for scientists using this tool. Although it is targeted toward graduate students and postdocs in the sciences, graduate students in any discipline may find it useful.


ImaginePhD is an online self-assessment and career planning tool built and maintained by members of the Graduate Career Consortium. It is a brand new resource that will become available to the public in Fall 2017. The tool will be targeted toward PhDs and postdocs in the humanities and social sciences and includes self-assessment exercises, a career planning framework, and resources that can help users learn more about possible career paths.


Graduate students, postdocs, and alumni who need assistance maintaining their dossier of academic job materials are directed to Interfolio. Interfolio is a well-known reference/credential management service for candidates applying for graduate school, academic positions, or other areas of employment. You can use the Interfolio Dossier service to solicit, store, and send your application materials, including confidential letters of recommendation. Questions about this service should be directed at Interfolio’s team of support staff.

The University Career Center

Graduate students, postdocs, and alumni who need assistance with their career search are encouraged to visit The University Career Center. They offer a variety of workshops as well as online resources for students to use in their job search.