The Office of Graduate Education

How students can schedule an appointment with the Dean?

To schedule an appointment with Dr. Juan González, the Dean of Graduate Education, please follow the procedure below:

Students may contact LaDwyna Evans to schedule an appointment with the Dean. Prior to scheduling a meeting, Dean Gonzalez requests that you provide a short, written summary of your attempts to resolve the issue at the program level, as well as forwarding all email communication or memos that document your efforts to work with your program advisors and faculty to address your concern.

Contact Dr. Ruth Schemmer, Assistant Dean for Graduate Student Success, for:
Concerns around adjusting to the culture of graduate studies, communicating/working with an advisor or PI, or strategizing a path forward from academic struggles.

Contact Eric Van Leeuwen, Assistant Dean of Graduate Education, for:
Questions about academic requirements, graduation requirements, or TA/RA requirements.