The Office of Graduate Education

Professional Development

At UT Dallas, we believe that graduate student training extends beyond the classroom. Our students are encouraged to view professional development holistically, as a path to success in their chosen programs as well in their future careers.

The Office of Graduate Education collaborates with other campus departments to provide programming and resources designed to help students develop an individualized plan of study, a focus on career exploration, skill development, relationship building, leadership, self-awareness and trend forecasting.

Professional Development
Interviewing Excellence Presentation
Online Personal Branding
Building Relationships
Great Mentoring in Graduate School: A quick start guide for protégés
Managing up: An industry skill you can learn in academia
To Postdoc or Not?
Do This While You Diss
Advice for Getting Published in a Scholarly Journal
Preparing a Manuscript for Publication
The Importance of Simple Writing
Writing a Focused Proposal: Nine Questions to Answer
In Praise of Going Slow: How Long Does It Take to Write a Grant (Part One)
In Praise of Going Slow: How Long Does it Take to Write a Grant (Part Two) – the task list
Versatile PhD
The PhD Career Ladder Program
Career Trends - The Informed Job Search
The Chronicle of Higher Ed
Science Careers (AAAS)